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Buy 5-MEO-DMT,(5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine) belongs to the tryptamine class and is found in a wide variety of plant species, and at least one toad species. Thus making this one very exciting new addition to our store, this interesting chemical gives a great insight in to the amazing places chemicals can form.Buy 5-MEO-DMT.

A true academic challenge exists with the many studies of 5-methoxy-DMT (as has been mentioned under DTM, different drug, same problem) which have involved drug mixtures. The second drug, added to the tryptamine, is almost always a monoamineoxidase inhibitor such as harmaline, either as a chemical (in most clinical studies in the Northern Hemisphere) or as the plant decoction (in most jungle uses in the Southern Hemisphere). The challenge is, just how should one classify these observations? Under the first drug modifying or being modified by the second? Under the second drug modifying or being modified by the first? Or should the mixture be treated as a variable thing in its own right?HOW TO ORDER

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