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Buy phencyclidine powder .PCP – which stands for phencyclidine – it developed in the 1950s to be an intravenous anesthetic drug, but the side effects patients experienced after using the substance led to the discontinuation of its use for medical purposes. However, it has been introduced as an illicit hallucinogen. It is sometimes called angel dust, embalming fluid, or rocket fuel. As a nonmedical, dangerous drug, PCP is found in powdered form, and it is typically smoked, although it can also be mixed with water and injected, drank, or eaten. It is also sometimes found as a pill or gel capsule.

PCP is a white crystalline powder and is most commonly found as a powder or liquid. Sometimes PCP is applied to a leafy material like mint, parsley, oregano or marijuana to smoke. how to order


PCP decreases or eliminates the ability to feel pain as well as sensitivity throughout the body. It thus produces an effect similar to general anesthesia.

It also produces a dissociative effect, that is to say it can induce a state of dissociation between the body and the mind in which, in low doses, the person is aware of what is happening, but does not not feel physically or emotionally involved. She sees herself as an observer of her own actions. In addition, the PCP would tend to provoke anti-social and violent behavior.

Buy phencyclidine powder

Most scientists believe that the half-life of PCP is three days, through effects on the central nervous system can last from seven hours to a week in chronic users. Detecting PCP in your system relies heavily on the type of test.

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Angel dust
Peace pill
Fairy dust
Tranquilizing on horses
Rocket fuel


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